Notarial Services

  • Preparing Notarial Certificates of Law & Good Standing
    • especially for Australian companies trading overseas
    • including certifying ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission) documents/database details
  • Notarising approvals to domestic and overseas documents especially Transfers of Shares or Land, Sale and Purchase Agreements, Assignments of Intellectual Property, Powers of Attorney, Authorities, Deeds, Security Documentation, Mortgages, Company resolutions, Minutes and Reports.
  • Obtaining Authentication or Apostille Certificates from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for overseas use.
  • Certifying copies of original documents
  • Verifying identities/signatures
  • Taking affidavits, declarations and deposits
  • Arranging for legitimation of documents with the relevant embassy or consulate
  • Administering oaths for the giving of evidence
  • Preparing bilingual notarial certificates

CBD Professional Notaries
60 Castlereagh Street (BNP Paribas Centre)
Sydney NSW 2000
(Access is also available from Elizabeth Street)

Phone: +61 02 9398 7642